Firefighter’s Earthship Inspired Off-Grid Urban Tiny House

“Earthship design is all about experimentation and innovation and that’s exactly the case with this incredible tiny house on wheels. Firefighter Steve was inspired to build a tiny house incorporating Earthship principles after completing a course on Earthship Biotecture design and building in New Mexico.”

Bryce found another amazing tiny house design. Like he said, tiny houses have been around a while and people have had lots of opportunity to experiment and see what works best. This particular design is only 10’x17’ yet it looks and feels totally comfortable and practical. It looks completely different than any tiny house design I’ve seen. My main impression is this design or one very similar (tweaked to work out a few details and lower the cost) could be mass produced and I believe turned into a very profitable business. Right now most people are stuck on a hamster wheel of paying high rent year after year because the cost of new construction is way too high. The market in big cities is ripe for these types of houses. All the owner has to do at this point is some market analysis and work out the final design.


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