No Work Compost – The Easiest Way to Make Compost?

“We’ve been using this simple compost system for the last 2-3 years and it has worked great for us. In fact, this is how we got our best compost ever. Our first attempt using this easy compost method produced hundreds of papaya plants that sprouted from the compost as volunteers. Papayas don’t normally like to be transplanted, but these plants did great probably because the soil was so microbial rich.

We’ve since scaled up this method because it works so well. The process couldn’t be easier. It’s hard to go wrong really. We don’t layer it with different materials. The main requirement like Diego says is store it for a year or so and just forget about it. Now that I know how simple it is to make excellent compost, I would never buy a compost maker, tumbler, etc. Just let nature do its thing. Compost happens naturally.”


1 thought on “No Work Compost – The Easiest Way to Make Compost?”

  1. We’ve made some of our best compost ever using this method. It takes a long time but it’s the easiest possible method. We throw our fruit and vegetable and other food scraps into bins and just forget about it. No turning. Keep covered during heavy rains.

    Long time readers might remember the papaya seedlings that talked about two years ago. They sprang up out of this type of compost. We got dozens of free plants that grew faster and stronger than any papaya plants I’ve ever seen. They did not get transplant shock as usual when I replanted them. They went on to become gigantic trees that produced a truck load of fantastic tasting papayas.


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