My First House – $5000 CASH!

The Homestead Craftsman, who mostly builds furniture for a living, has started buying and fixing up old houses. A place like this would be a good starter home in the right location. On a homestead you could live in it while you build your dream natural home out of more sustainable materials.

“I paid $5,000 for my first house with the goal of renting it, spent a little money getting it renovated and rented it two times which more than paid for what I have in it. Now I’m getting it ready to sell. This video shows it’s current condition and talks a little about what I’m going to do to it. I’ll post more on the house soonish.”

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1 thought on “My First House – $5000 CASH!”

  1. You’re almost guaranteed a profit if you can buy homes like this for so little money and you do the work yourself. I knew someone who used to remodel and rent old houses and they made a lot of money.


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