Free Natural Building Internship

Energy-efficient strawbale housing built by interns for Community
Nancy and Erics house built by Community Rebuilds. Moab, Utah.

People often ask us about natural building employment, training and career advice. The following advert is an example of how students can gain natural building skills on the cheap.

“Interviewing NOW! Community Rebuilds 2016 Summer and Fall semesters will be held in the town of Mount Crested Butte! We will instruct 14 students and 2 families to build a 3-story, straw bale duplex! The project will still hold true to the CR mission of building energy efficient housing for low-income families and educating students on natural and sustainable building practices. As always, our program is free of cost to our interns and includes hands on instruction on straw bale construction and natural building. We also provide a food stipend, bulk food items and housing in exchange for the labor of our interns.

Our mission is to build energy-efficient housing, provide education on sustainability and improve the housing conditions of the workforce through an affordable program.”
Apply at: Community for our programs.
Be sure to check out their outstanding floor plan by architect Wayne J. Bingham.
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6 thoughts on “Free Natural Building Internship”

  1. How can I get this free internship I’ve been looking into natural building for over a year now and it’s all I wanna learn I have no experience in natural but really want to start

    • You’ll have to contact them directly for details. If it doesn’t work out, I highly recommend going to Nepal and volunteering with one of the reputable organizations that are doing earthbag projects. There are LOTS of people over there helping out now. It’s a great way to learn. You learn by doing. Plus you get to experience life in a different culture.

    • Clay building or earth building is used throughout the world. Almost half of the houses in the world are made with earth. Find a place near you where it’s real common and where workshops are offered.


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