Free Online Global Permaculture Summit

New Society Publishing, the folks who published my Essential Earthbag Construction book, are sponsoring this wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in this three-day event:

Hope, Knowledge and a Plan: Global Permaculture Summit

Free, live, online; Oct. 15, 16, 17

Register for free at

Introducing permaculture as a positive, proactive way to create food security, water security, and energy security, build community, and more – while you reduce drought and flooding, restore biodiversity, and sequester carbon. It’s a peaceful, practical way to rebel against extinction, with boots-on-the-ground strategies to heal the Earth, one plot of land at a time!

Taking Permaculture From Backyard to Broad Acre with Rob & Michelle Avis 

Graham Bell: Why and How We Need to Be Kind – Planning for Planet, People, and Plants

Jen Nobel: The many faces of permaculture and where it can take you.

Dan Chiras: A Life Dedicated to a Sustainable Future

Panel Discussion with Keynote Speakers Dan Chiras, Rhamis Kent and Verge Lead Instructor Takota Coen

Rosemary Morrow & Starhawk: Earth Activism and The Emergency Fund for Afghan Relief

Carmen Lamoureux: Nurturing Abundance with Urban Permaculture

Natalie Pepin: Overcoming Barriers to Bringing a Family’s Food Chain Back Home

Mark Krawczyk: Crafting a Life Steeped in Permaculture – Discovering Livelihoods Through Succession

Stefan Sobkowiak: How to Design a Permaculture ‘Lab’

Panel Discussion with Keynote Speakers Stefan Sobkowiak, Penny Livingston and Verge Lead Instructor Carmen Lamoureux.

Penny Livingston: How to Get Started in Permaculture and Where It Takes You

John D. Liu: Restoring the Earth as The Great Work of Our Time

Rob Avis: Regenerating the Planet by 2047

Andrew Millison: Why Watersheds are Foundational to Permaculture and Civilization

Takota Coen: Can Permaculture Feed the Planet?

Judith D Schwartz: The Ever-growing Global Ecosystem Restoration Movement

Panel Discussion with Keynote Speakers Judith D. Schwartz, Warren Brush and Verge Founder Rob Avis.

Warren Brush: Leveraging Permaculture Globally for Resilience, Regeneration, and Hope

Register for free at

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