Free Strawbale Building Ebook: Build it With Bales — 9 Comments

        • This book is rather old and strawbale construction has advanced since then. Disregard the part about putting bales under the floor.

          Where the book really shines is showing low cost, do-it-yourself building methods. There are lots of simple drawings that show every step.

          • Thanks for the heads up on the flooring. I skimmed through it and there is tons there for us to get started learning and building a plan. We plan or reading several books and visiting a few homes before we get started in earnest. I do like all the illustrations that show the different steps as you mentioned.

  1. Build it With Bales, along with The Straw Bale House and The Last Straw Journal, launched the modern straw bale building movement. Now there are thousands of strawbale houses around the world, and strawbale building is now in the building codes.

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