Tiny Homes: Mortgage-Free and NO Utility Bills – Off The Grid, Self Sufficient Living! — 6 Comments

  1. It still has problems. Finding a legal spot with water and a hookup for waste.
    I would rather spend money on land. Build a house.Straw bale.I watched some of those programs on TV Where they are spending twenty or thirty grand for these trailers with a glorified shed on it.They might as well buy a used motorhome. Well that’s my opinion.More power to them if they are happy.

    • I agree about the overpriced tiny houses on trailers. Some are really expensive. But then again, some people want all natural wood paneling, nice appliances and fixtures and don’t want to do the work…

  2. Love this concept! Would be doing this next year if it was just my wife and I. We are saving up to get some land a build something a bit bigger so we can fit all 4 of us. Fascinates me how much US culture has told us we need big houses with lots of stuff in contrast to how much better things can be with less and smaller.

    • The older I get the more I appreciate simplicity. Walk through a shopping mall and see how many things are really important. Not much. I bought a pen the other day at the mall. That about sums up my way of shopping.

      • Yeah! It’s amazing! My wife and I watch a few of our favorite shows online and just shake our heads at all of the advertisements for ‘stuff’. We’ve enjoyed the change in our life as we have started to work on simplifying our lives and getting rid of stuff.

  3. They bought a manufactured tiny house. Use the same basic ideas to save even more money using locally sourced natural materials such as earthbags, straw bales, wood poles, etc.

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