Gardening WITHOUT Fertilizers

“Experts (sic) seem to beLIEve that vegetable crops cannot be grown efficiently without fertilizers. They debate whether composted animal manures are better than chemical-based fertilizers, which is worse for climate change, more ethical, sustainable, or profitable. This is a false debate rooted in antiquated beLIEfs. In this video I show how vegetables can be grown WITHOUT fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, etc.

All that is needed is that you toss your beLIEfs out the window, stop listening to authorities (i.e. university professors, big-ag experts, self-proclaimed sustainability gurus) open your mind, experiment and learn through direct experiences. Gardening can grow human consciousness.

Sacred Agriculture is NOT biodynamic agriculture, NOT organic agriculture, NOT permaculture, NOT industrial…
Are you ready for a real paradigm change?”

For more info:
Sacred Agriculture YouTube channel
This guy presents some very interesting ideas. Related topics already covered on our blog: ramial woodchips, woodchip gardening like Back to Eden, food growing like weeds (self seeding annuals and perennial vegetable beds), using weeds to build soil, natural farming, forest gardens

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