Getting Started: Free Earthbag Resources

Long time readers already know what’s available, but we’re constantly getting new readers. We hit another record this past month, so I’ll briefly recap what is available on our sites. Virtually everything you need to know to build your own earthbag home is free on our websites. Here are a few examples:

YouTube Free videos show every step of construction.
Step-by-Step Earthbag Instructable
Dome Instructable
Earthbag Building Blog News and updates (main website — see the FAQ, articles, all the best videos and projects, etc.) (primarily disaster resistant info for housing aid organizations)

Have a specific question? Use the built-in search engines or Google. Examples: bond beam geiger, pole roof geiger, roof earthbag, lintels earthbag.

And, when you’re serious about building with earthbags, and want all the best information available in the most convenient format (with lots of new info included), then consider buying my earthbag house plans, book and video.
Earthbag House Plans
Earthbag Building Guide
Basic Earthbag Building DVD (3 hour and 18 minute video covers all basic building steps in detail)

2 thoughts on “Getting Started: Free Earthbag Resources”

    • The other book burned me out. It was way more work than I ever imagined. I’m not sure I want to do any more books. Most of the material is ‘done’, but it’s just a big pile of stuff that takes hundreds of hours to sort out and edit. The video was way more fun in comparison, and since our son wants to start a video/photography company in a few months then I’m more inclined to do videos than books. We’ll see.


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