How I Got My Off Grid Land With No Credit & No Banks

“I bought my land with no banks, no credit and no money down. Here is how I managed to buy my 56 acres of off grid homestead land in Upstate New York.

The talks and paperwork took us a year to sort out though. We had to negotiate the terms of the contract to be satisfying to both parties.
A lawyer helped sort out the legal issues of the paperwork to ensure it was legal and rock solid.

When we signed the documents, we did so in front of an official notary, who stamped it, making the contract official.

A land contract is a contract to buy land or a home directly from the owner. No banks are involved and there are no credit checks needed.

A land contract holder has all the rights of a home owner in the State of New York. This means that the seller has left all the rights to the buyer as long as the payments are kept up.

If you are looking for land or a place to homestead, the best thing is to just ask around. I found my place quite quickly but it took almost four years before I was a land owner of the same property. But the wait was well worth it in the end.

Many older people have lots of land that they no longer use. You can generally rent or purchase some land from them.

But check the local town codes and laws before you make any deals or commitments because some towns can be quite strict.”


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