The Rustic and Romantic Firefly Cabin

“Tucked away in the Cornish countryside, an old carpenter’s workshop offers a unique setting for a romantic getaway. Well, Firefly cabin is actually a recent build but it was designed to have the timeworn patina and rough charm of a century-old woodshop. The rustic ambience coaxes you back to a simpler time when most goods were still produced by hand.

It’s an illusion of course as the cabin is in reality fully equipped with modern conveniences including a washer and dryer, a microwave oven, a dishwasher and a small TV, all hidden from view. Barn doors, distressed cabinets and a scattering of rusty woodworking tools complete the look.”
Well done video by Dream House. Check out their channel that has lots of tiny houses, small houses, cabins, cottages and rustic home designs.

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