Grass Hut

Maybe you’re looking for an inexpensive place to live while you build your sustainable home with natural materials. How about making a grass hut for temporary accommodation? The price is right.

“I built this grass hut up on a ridge. It’s roughly parallel with the tiled hut and wattle and daub hut that are a couple of hundred meters away down in a valley. I built it on a ridge to get away from mosquitoes in wet weather. This project took 7 days to make. I looked for a spot and cleared it on the first day, built the frame on the second, and spent the next 5 collecting grass. The type of grass is Guinea grass, an introduced species here in Australia meant for livestock. This grass is difficult to collect in this dry forest and I had to climb further into the mountain to get it.”

Primitive Technology channel
Amazingly, this video has had over 2.4 million views. His other videos have 2 to 11 million hits each!

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