Green School Bali – 2017 Global High Schools (Asia) Category Winner

Green School Bali has won the Zayed Future Energy Prize in the Global High Schools category, Asia region. The announcement was made at the annual Zayed Future Energy Prize awards ceremony in Abu Dhabi on Monday, 16 January, 2017.

Green School Bali won the award for its project proposal to install a 10 kW photovoltaic system and an energy storage bank made from used mobile phone and notebook batteries with a capacity of 32 kWh. The 10 kW photovoltaic system will increase the school’s share of annually self-generated electricity from 26 percent today to 40 percent (Green School Bali already has a 118 panel-photovoltaic system). The new energy storage bank will supplement a 72 kWh lead battery already installed at the school. Furthermore, the collection of 3,250 batteries (3,000 mobile phone batteries and 250 laptop batteries) will help re-use electronic waste from the community.

Article at Clean Technica

2 thoughts on “Green School Bali – 2017 Global High Schools (Asia) Category Winner”

  1. In previous blog posts about the Green School in Bali we focused on the amazing curvilinear bamboo architecture of the school. As this video explains, the real emphasis there is on developing a world changing educational system and curriculum:

    Can someone please explain why we don’t have hundreds of similar schools across the world?

    Founder John Hardy’s Green School dream:

  2. Battery storage is yet another use for earthbag domes in addition to affordable housing, garden sheds, cool pantries (dry/cool storage), root cellars (damp/cool storage), meditation and writing huts, etc. One of the most compelling needs is for emergency storm shelters for tornadoes and hurricanes.


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