Hobbit House Plan — 14 Comments

  1. Right but remember that anything having to do with the hobbit or shire is under license and therefore the studio can sue anyone that like that uses any of their words without permission. Your hobbit house is a perfect example and I can see them coming after you quickly if they decide it is you that they wish to make an example of.

    • Companies like this rely on bullying tactics. They have nothing to gain by harassing me, and potentially large downside in negative advertising. I appreciate your concern. Let’s just leave it alone so I can get back to work.

    • Buying rights to words, phrases, DNA sequences, etc. is not ethical in my opinion when it causes harm. I heard Facebook now claims ownership of the word ‘face’. Companies want to control your genes and what health care is available to you, so they purchase rights to certain parts of the human genome.

  2. Stewart, you’re correct, but…… Hollywood has bought the complete rights to anything JRR related, so Mark is in fact in the right.
    Money talks……

  3. Yah, you really can’t use that word, especially with the new film in production. They will come after you with a big law suit. You can probably get away with shire inspired home or something to that effect but using the word Hobbit, when it’s not endorsed by the film that is in production will get you slapped with a lawsuit that you can’t pay and won’t win.

  4. Surely it could only be J.R.R. Tolkien or his beneficiaries would could possibly claim copyright to the word ‘Hobbit’? Anyways, it is classed as a noun in the Oxford Dictionary… You can’t copyright a NOUN!!!

  5. Be very careful using the words Hobbit, Hobbit house etc as I have had to remove all reference of the ‘H’ word from my website describing my camping cabins after a 28 page document on behalf of Saul Zaentz, producer of the movies threatening legal action unless I did so.

    Just thought I warn you.


    microlodge. www,

  6. So did you get a permit?i think i read this was built in costa rica? I read somewhere that mexico was good for not needing permits also.

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