Home-based Business: Growing Microgreens — 3 Comments

  1. I hit upon a big improvement over the method in this video. I watched another video where they use shallow trays with soil:

    The shallow trays work great, but the soil is costly and can spread pathogens that cause mold, etc. We’re using ground coconut husks. It’s cheap and works great.

    Another possibility is growing them in a mesh greenhouse like this: (Use a typical greenhouse in cold climates.) Air could freely circulate through the mesh, but insects couldn’t get to the plants. No one would likley buy the insect damaged microgreens. We’d probably improvise our own mesh greenhouse with materials we can buy locally. I think this will ultimately be more efficient and productive than growing them in garden beds.

  2. Ive done similar for my kitchen and to feed chickens. I wonder how to price something like this. The gas to deliver it and the electric bill makes it hard to see much profit.

    • It probably depends on the restaurants in your area. It could be profitable if you have enough higher end restaurants who want your products. This implies a healthy economy where people can afford to go out to eat.

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