Grand Designs Abroad — Straw Bale House, France

A very engaging story of building a modern strawbale house in a very traditional area of France. Grand Designs does it again. They excel at revealing the personal side of homebuilding.

“Grand Designs Abroad saw Kevin McCloud travelling overseas as different people set out to create their dream homes.”


2 thoughts on “Grand Designs Abroad — Straw Bale House, France”

  1. I see that glorious hillside and those woods, and I can’t help thinking that the next project is to install swales and a food forest. Nothing that will kill the magnificent view of course.

    Great house.

    This is one project that perfectly illustrates how valuable it can be to build a small shed or a workshop before building the house. Such structures would have been invaluable to Mark has he was building the house. He managed without them, obviously, but he would have had a much easier time if he had built a very simple shed and/or a very simple workshop to start with. Perhaps out of load bearing strawbale.

  2. Thanks Owen. I now have a better understanding of straw bale building. They are good people surrounding by other good people. They’ve made it to the sweet spot.


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