Hyakusho: Natural Building in Korea

Natural building in Korea
Natural building in Korea

I just found this fascinating site while researching straw/clay. Natural building is alive and well around the world! Kyle Holzhueter’s website is loaded with photos and information on traditional building techniques.

“Kyle Holzhueter works as a straw bale builder and translator in Japan. He has a PhD in Bioresource Sciences from Nihon University where he researched the hygrothermal environment of straw bale walls in Japan and building practices to control interstitial moisture. Kyle has a Bachelor of Arts from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa where he studied philosophy and religion, and a Master of Science in Sustainable Systems from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. Apart from academia, Kyle has studied organic and biodynamic farming in the US, natural farming in Japan and permaculture in Australia.”

Source: Hyakusho

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