Ibuku Bamboo Houses

Ibuku bamboo homes
Ibuku bamboo homes

“We build lightly on the land, redefining the meaning of luxury with a clear conscience. Bamboo is uniquely strong, beautiful, and flexible, and with it’s four-year growth cycle and carbon sequestration it is a uniquely efficient resource. Though bamboo has traditionally been used throughout Asia in short-term structures, new treatment methods have given it a capacity for long life. We harvest and treat all of our own bamboo, selecting for density and maturity, then lab test to confirm its integrity.

In a world of retro-fitting or re-designing traditional items and materials to be incrementally better, we decided to wipe the slate clean and design outside of the box. Our view on being green comes out of being logical, practical, and conscientious.

Ibuku is creating spaces where living in nature is living in style.”

More gorgeous photos at the source: Ibuku.com
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8 thoughts on “Ibuku Bamboo Houses”

  1. Malcom may be correct if he wants to buy a property someone else has built.

    However, if he is willing to build it himself and has some ingenuity. Impressive designs like these are well within anyone’s reach.

    There is no reason inexpensive housing cannot be stunningly beautiful and even appear to be a rich person’s playground. It’s just a matter of how much work you are willing to put into it, how much time, and how much ingenuity.

    • Good point. One option is to hang around those job sites and learn as much as you can. Don’t get in the way or be obnoxious, but there’s nothing wrong with being curious and learning something new. Maybe work as a laborer for a while moving materials around the site. Read as many books as you can about bamboo building, compare to their techniques, buy the basic tools and then start making some sample joinery and go from there. You can learn almost anything this way. Just jump in and do it.

  2. They are truly beautiful. However, I suspect that if I piled up every dime I had ever and would ever make in my lifetime, I still couldn’t afford what they would charge for a 1000 sq ft bungalow.

  3. I LOVE this place. These people are true artist with skills off the chart. If I were to live in South East Asia and had the money, they WOULD be my builders. Some of the best builds I have EVER seen. They blow me away of their gifts. They build the Rolls Royce of homes. Being single, it would demand a woman of like quality to live there with me. Life would then be complete.

    • I can’t speak highly enough of their work. Their designs are incredible, extraordinary, amazing, highly sculptural… [fill in the blank].

  4. Here’s the description of this house:

    Sharma Springs
    “Making its debut in New York Magazine this week, Sharma Springs was designed for the Sharma family as a jungle fantasy escape. It is a 6-level, 4-bedroom 750sqm home overlooking the Ayung river valley, built almost entirely of bamboo. The entry to the house is via a dramatic tunnel-bridge that brings you directly to the open air living, dining, and kitchen spaces on the 4th level. The staircases circle around the central tower to the levels below: kids play room, as well as four bedrooms and a library that each enclose for air-conditioning with full length spinning glass windows. The 6th-floor lookout has sunset views over the Ayung river valley and Green Village. Master metal smiths custom-built the shower stalls, stone carvers from Java carved boulders into counter slabs. Our team also custom designed each item of the furniture for this house. The gardens are also by Ibuku, based on permaculture design principles.”


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