Indoor Gardens — 5 Comments

  1. The living wall is gorgeous! I’ve seen plant walls made from fabric for sale, but these would be MUCH cheaper, and they still look good. :-) I know I am going to want a very large growing space because I eat mostly vegetables, and I have arthritis so I want them raised so I don’t have to bend too much. The one in the top photo looks amazing – do you know how it was made? I found some cedar raised grow boxes on a gardening site that would probably look good inside, but they are a bit expensive. I guess they could be looked at as an investment on my grocery bill, especially if I took care of them! :-)

    I like the aquaponics idea, too, though. I hadn’t really thought about that!

    • There are various ways of making planters like the top photo. I would use mortared recycled bricks or low fired brick (common in developing countries). Install plumbing and a drain so the plants are easy to take care of.

  2. I actually just found your blog through the Renaissance Ronin site. I spent all night reading about earthbag homes and picked out a plan to talk my husband in to. It’s your Modern House plan on Dream Green Homes and I fell in love with it once I saw the grow bed. Would it also be possible to substitute aquaponics for a grow bed?

  3. I just love what can be done with these types of homes. I cannot wait until we build ours. There are just so many ideas and creative ways to do it.

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