Jamaica Permaculture Course

“Join us at Blue Paradise Farms in Westmoreland, Jamaica for a fun-filled yet educational Full and Certified Permaculture Design Course!

What is Permaculture? The word ‘permaculture’ derives from ‘permanent agriculture‘ and ‘permanent culture‘. It is about learning from and living in harmony with nature to make our lives more sustainable and productive whilst reducing the work required.

This PDC course brings permaculture regeneration to 15 acres of former Jamaican sugar plantation. I recently bought this site and am keen to set up a Permaculture demonstration residential smallholding. The course will help build towards that dream – all the surveying, designing and implementing we carry out before, during and after the course will be real-life, practical steps, so that all involved can learn how to apply Permaculture principles, techniques and design to maximise resilience and abundance. The course will also include the start of the design and planting for a food forest on the property.

The core of every PDC is developing design skills in each participant – training people to make good decisions via the design process, for whatever they are designing. We will explore many areas both theoretically and practically: soil improvement, water management, developing buildings and infrastructure, using trees and plants and the highly important personal and social/community uses of Permaculture design, in which our instructor Peter Cow is a specialist.

The design skills taught on the course are applicable in all areas of the world, to all decision making processes. As with most PDCs, the techniques explored will range in application from cold and warm temperate through Mediterranean to Tropical. Peter has extensive experience in maritime temperate (UK) and the Mediterranean (Portugal).”

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