Jose Andres Vallejo Arquitecto

Superadobe in Sabana de Bogotá by Arquitecto Jose Andres Vallejo
Superadobe in Sabana de Bogotá by Arquitecto Jose Andres Vallejo

Jose Andres Vallejo Arquitecto
Jose Andres Vallejo Arquitecto

Architecture in Balance is a design platform that specializes in sustainable architectural solutions. Architecture in Balance implements alternative technologies, construction of low environmental impact, integrating contemporary design to create innovative projects and balanced environments. Architecture in Balance encourages the use of unprocessed construction materials such as soil, and uses different methods such as superadobe systems, among others.

Bio-Construction Workshop
Land and Domes superadobe
6 to 9 December, 2011
Gachancipá, Ontario

Architecture in Balance is pleased to offer a new practical workshop construction technique or Earthbag superadobe. We will share the tools necessary to independently design and build eco-domes on the ground to shelter and housing.

Publication A57, Casa Vergara

6 thoughts on “Jose Andres Vallejo Arquitecto”

  1. I am a recently disabled middle aged woman, I am EXTREMELY HEAT INTOLERANT AND LIGHT INTOLERANT!! I can’t live in a normal home. I am looking to build an earth home, or something that will stay cool & dark. Can anyone help me? I live in Wisconsin, USA.

  2. Estoy interesado en revisar el modelo de adobe para construir . Me gustaría hablar con el arquitecto José Vallejo

  3. WOW !!!

    After looking at earthbag buildings for 4 years, this is the first building that looks modern and that I want to live in.

    Visit the Flicker link for the galleries and see what the interior looks like, you’ll be blown away.

    Thanx Jose, absolutely amazing !


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