Kasita: tiny prefab home-as-a-service for post-land urbanism

“Professor Jeff Wilson wants to create the “iPhone for housing”. He thinks we need to shed our preconceptions of housing as dependent on land and instead consider his plug-and-play shelter.

His Kasita units are not just tiny homes- the prototype is 208 square feet-, but they fit onto a “rack” to become part of “a vertical, high-end, design-yet-affordable, urban trailer park”. “Think about an RV park”, explains Wilson, “it’s a vertical way to do that: so you own your RV and you park it in a slot, this is a structure that these can go vertically.”

Wilson was inspired to attempt to revolutionize housing while, as a college professor, he tried living in a 33-square-foot dumpster for 10 months. In 2016 he built the prototype and later this year he plans to launch the 320-square-foot production model at 3 locations in Austin. There will be an option to rent or buy and while Wilson hasn’t released the price, he says it will be affordable even to a barista.”

Another great video by Kirsten Dirksen
Don’t miss the lively discussion on YouTube

3 thoughts on “Kasita: tiny prefab home-as-a-service for post-land urbanism”

    • I’m a country boy. I’m fine with living in small spaces, but I don’t want to be in the middle of a big city. But I posted the story because it’s interesting to see what other people are doing in the tiny/small house movement. This particular idea could very well catch on.


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