Earthbag Technical Report in NEA Engineer’s Journal — 5 Comments

  1. Good Earth Nepal is serving as an Earthbag technical supervisor for Conscious Connections Foundation, which promotes the education of young girls and provides primary health care to rural villages.

    • Please keep us posted on your progress. I’ll publish your project on our blog if you send some summary text and 2-3 good photos especially some of the completed project.

    • Oh yeah. I’m very happy to see earthbag supported like this by the engineers in Nepal. They have been a big help the whole time, including the top directors. One funny story was my presentation to the NEA last year. I wasn’t expecting a great reception since engineers tend to be a tough, critical audience and earthbag is obviously an little known, alternative building method. It didn’t help that a very annoying engineer was pestering me right before going on stage. Plus, they were running late and had me start in another room. So my expectations were quite low. But once I got into the presentation I saw the audience was riveted. In just a few minutes they had grasped the concept and were hanging on every word. So I slowed down, warmed up and relaxed and then thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the presentation.

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