Keep Our Home & the Rainbow Commons from being Demolished

Hi Owen, we would appreciate more exposure. This is bigger than just a natural built home. The bigger picture here is that land rights for the normal person to live and feed themselves are not working. This is about shedding light on injustice and discrimination between the landowners (1%) and the rest. As social justice workers and environmental educators we will not just roll over and run away when the going gets tough. We live this way because someone needs to be a voice otherwise things aren’t gonna change. Did Gandhi just walk away?, is Aung San Suu Kyi sitting under house arrest because of her ego?

This is food security/land access issue. This is about sustainability, we cannot continue to live in a way that uses more resources that the earth can bear This is not just about us. As soon as we had the capacity we turned our place into a commons. We will continue do that as long as we can.
Anybody that is going to confront the ruling paradigm is going to meet with aggression and extreme challenges. It’s the earth that is under attack and our home is a symbol of what is a viable alternative.

We are a living and learning centre for sustainable lifestyles and permaculture principals. To be a positive response to the destruction which the planet and its population are suffering due to unsustainable agriculture, industry, consumerism, and non-renewable energy lifestyles.
Please check out our web page, sign our petition and spread the word to stop this madness.

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