Baja Sur Dome Home for Sale

This magnificent dome home in Baja Sur, Mexico has a dramatic view.
This magnificent dome home in Baja Sur, Mexico has a dramatic view.

Baja Sur dome home kitchen
Baja Sur dome home kitchen

Inspired by world-renowned American architect Nader Kahlili, these handmade art vaults [domes] are a typical example of the earth and ceramic architecture. Built with material free disposal of the land, the five domes technologies and innovations superadobe function currently available. Perched on a hill of El Gavilan – most dramatic settings in all of Great Northern Baja California Sur coast. Based on the designs of the environment, these vaults are among the Earth with solar energy and absolutely beautiful and out. Interiors feature soft curved walls, ceilings and many beautiful artistic touches. Each room has windows with views and doors opening onto a terrace overlooking the Pacific. Two comfortable rooms with beds and custom desktops, each with its own bathroom located on opposite wings of the main room. The buildings are energy efficient cool in summer and warm in winter, and probably the majority of households in the environment that never found. Two bedrooms with comfortable beds and desks custom, with STI Each bathroom situated on opposite wings off the main living area. Probably the most environmentally friendly homes you’ll ever come across.
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 2.0
Parking: 4
Land: 1499.92 m2

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  1. This is not in La Paz! It is in Baja Sur and it is on the Pacific side as is stated in the article. The house is located just north of Cerritos beach, south of Pescadero and Todos Santos.


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