Last Residents Hold On in Tunisian Underground Houses — 3 Comments

  1. A good idea ANYWHERE is to “throw away the TV”…

    Do these dwellings combat the dampness caused by groundwater ? Such dampness can lead to bronchial problems ?

    • This looks like a desert region so chances are the moisture problem is very minimal. That’s why they’ve lasted for centuries. In most places these dwellings would turn to ponds.

      I threw away my TV decades ago and have probably gained a million hours to my life.

  2. Gorgeous homes! Sad to see the population dwindling, but this is what happens the world over. I wonder how sparse the area is; the smaller the populations, the harder it is for those people to access health care, education, etc. because the resources aren’t placed there. Hopefully they can come to some sort of middle ground. I cringe at some forms of eco-tourism, but if it can be done respectfully, perhaps opening a few lodges there and offering desert tours or Bedouin camping, or something of the like could bring some jobs to the area.

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