Learn How to Build Your Own Underground Home

“Underground homes have several advantages over homes built above the ground.

Underground homes, or earthen homes, have extreme benefits over above ground housing across the entire board. Some of these beneficial qualities include their ability to save space above ground, their extreme insulative properties which make them highly energy efficient, and their extremely durable structures.

All over Earth there are sites of old civilizations that had decided that living underground was better than living above ground. We’ve dug up some research and found out there is definitely much more to this than a really amazing fairy tale after all! There are still people who build underground homes today using natural earth building techniques and we’re passing their knowledge on to you!”

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Note: I prefer building on high ground with some earth berming or sheltering as needed so as to prevent flooding and water damage. The exact details and amounts vary according to local conditions. Always use climate appropriate design adjusted to your site. Keep in mind that sand bags were designed to handle floods and are ideal for below grade and wet applications such as foundations. Fill the bags with gravel and you can save thousands of dollars on your foundation.

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