Learn Natural Building for Free – Volunteer Opportunities Worldwide

This couple spent a month in Transylvania helping to build organic houses. This project used straw bales, timber frame, clay plaster, stone and thatch roofing. The materials will differ according to the climate, culture, etc. This is a great way to learn natural building for free, because you learn by doing without an overly long, hard schedule.

You can search for volunteer opportunities in the area of your choice on natural building workshop calendars, facebook, natural building websites, and various websites such as Workaway, WWOOF, HelpX, Farmstays and Reach Out Volunteers. If you enjoy this sort of thing you can keep doing it from place to place and travel the world for free.

Building organic houses in Transylvania – Workaway

2 thoughts on “Learn Natural Building for Free – Volunteer Opportunities Worldwide”

  1. Hey I am an experienced young Australian permaculture practitioner, I have recently finished a project on Lesvos Island for refugees teaching in a garden of my own design. I am well read on natural building, biotectcture, earthships, adobe, ett but have no practical experience. I would love the opportunity to learn and participate in some natural building. Please let me know if you know of anywhere in Europe that I could participate.

    • You can find and volunteer to help on natural building projects just like you can volunteer on organic farms. It’s the same process. Some websites allow you to filter search results for whatever you’re looking for. There are also natural building workshop calendars, etc.


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