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  1. To whom it may concern,

    I work for a UK/US TV production company called October Films (website link below) and we are very interested in ghost towns in the USA. We are particularly interested in finding communities of people that are relocating to Ghost towns in the US to live off the grid. Is this something that you have come across/ any advice on this front would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks,


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      • You’d have to investigate this on a case by case basis. First, I would narrow down the general area you’d like to live in then move there and gradually check out ghost towns and local properties.

      • Which one would I live in ? Well they all look nice to me LOL

        But I recently learned about Americans expatriating to Chile (and similar) now I’m thinking along those lines :) South America !

        But I’ll have to wait until I have some money. I can imagine an economizer in Rio Rancho preceding that :)

        I look forward to visiting some western ghost towns as well :)

        It’s freezing cold in Maine right now, so unpleasant! I’m ready to go south :)


  2. Just so folks know, you can’t live in Bodie. It is a Ca state historical park. It is held in a state of arrested decay.
    A very interesting place to visit and see. A lot of buildings are still standing and the mine works are all there.

    One has to remember that many ghost towns were not ideal sites on which to live. It was the gold or silver that made the hardship and difficulties worth it. Bodie is a good example. One would never have picked that town site by itself for a place to start a homestead. Bodie is at 8300 ft in elevation, on an open plateau and the winters are brutal. Average snowfall is 8ft. Bodie has snow drifts 20-30 ft deep. Residents would tunnel between buildings and the mine.

    • Thanks for the input. Good suggestions like this contribute to the discussion and so we welcome your work. The link works fine for me.

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