Living off the Grid: Building an off the Grid Cabin for Winter

“Just three months ago we purchased 5 acres of land in the Pacific Northwest where we will be working to develop our off grid homestead 100% from scratch. While we will be working to build our timber frame barn and eventually timber frame house, winter has arrived and we have neither! We are boondocking in our RV and needed a way to winterize + stay warm.

We decided to build this little cabin as an add-on to our RV. Right now, our RV is under a ShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box which has no insulation whatsoever. We thought that if we could build a small 10×12 cabin onto the end of the carport that we could heat the entire enclosure with a wood stove. We’ve been working to insulation the carport fully, so between all of our efforts we have managed to heat the inside to 68 degrees!

The best part of all is that we built this off grid cabin ourselves with reclaimed materials. Instead of spending $3,000+ to build this cabin, we did it for about $300. Most of these materials came from a demolition we were able to help out with which you can see in our other videos. We also were able to salvage many second-hand building materials with a barter flyer we put up around town.”

Another great video from Pure Living for Life. I’m loving these guys. YouTube

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