Living off the Grid: Building an off the Grid Cabin for Winter

“Just three months ago we purchased 5 acres of land in the Pacific Northwest where we will be working to develop our off grid homestead 100% from scratch. While we will be working to build our timber frame barn and eventually timber frame house, winter has arrived and we have neither! We are boondocking in our RV and needed a way to winterize + stay warm.

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Home-based Business: Turning Urban Lumber (Turning Green Wood)

“Every day, in urban areas, trees are cut down for various reasons. These trees are a veritable treasure trove of lumber that can be reclaimed, as opposed to finding its way to the junk yard or fireplace. As well, many of the species of wood growing locally in your area may be otherwise unavailable from lumber suppliers. This episode covers the steps required to reclaim such wood for turning.”

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A Cleverly Converted Barn

remodeled barn

“Interior designer Glenda Martin worked on the offices of some of Silicon Valley’s largest tech companies and, later, on the luxurious homes of the people who founded them. But what she considered her best work was her smallest -a 650-square-foot barn-turned-house that she designed for herself in Sonoma County.

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