Localized Food for Sustainable Communities

“People like you want fresh, local food, so we are building the ultimate high performance sustainability hubs, starting in Pocatello, Idaho. Powered by the people, we give straight back to make strong self-reliant, communities. With your help we are laying the foundation for a sustainable future around the world.

Taking some of the most advanced technology in the field and combining it with some of the most ancient techniques known to man, we’re creating the most hyper efficient facilities the world has ever seen.

Our systems produce 10 times the amount of food compared to traditional farming methods and use only 1% of the water. The EVAS systems combine passive geothermal, Aquaponics, vertical towers, rain water collection cisterns, thermophilic composting, fodder systems, bee hives, vermiculture, passive and active solar systems, wind turbines, rocket stoves and rammed earth construction.

Imagine telling your children you helped build a facility in a developing nation and saved thousands of lives. Helping start this project will enable you to do just that.”


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