Low Cost Bamboo Ecological Housing in Nicaragua

“A video summary of Co2 BambĂș Nicaraguan Guadua activities since beginning in 2008 through 2010.”

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4 thoughts on “Low Cost Bamboo Ecological Housing in Nicaragua”

  1. The owners of co2 bambĂș were not able to break into the private sales market and self fund the project. The quote I got for a house was about the same or more as conventional concrete construction. I heard they moved to Bali for a more favorable bamboo culture. We are trying to start a bamboo building project in pavones now.

  2. I found this place online a number of years ago. We grow bamboo and live next door in Costa Rica, thought we would pay them a visit. The place was vacant (maybe 4 years ago now), the sign and buildings were there, no signs of life for years. Did they relocate? Could not find them if they did. Would still be interested in visiting them.

    • Not sure if it’s true, but I heard someone in the organization stole the money and took off. What a shame. I published this story anyway in hope’s that someone will see it and create a similar program now that we know it works.

  3. I was just telling someone about this project a few days ago. Hope they see this. It’s probably the biggest, best low cost bamboo housing project ever attempted.


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