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“LILI was founded in 2001 by two members of Redfield Community. The community itself was founded in 1978, and in 2001 had solar hot water, compost loos, straw-bale buildings, organic gardens, orchards, soft fruit, bees, sheep, chickens, natural paints, lime, wood stoves, and one member was experimenting with making biodiesel from waste cooking oil.Most importantly, the land was owned cooperatively, and decisions were made by consensus (both of which are still the case – and because of the founding documents, are unlikely to change).

For us, there seemed nothing unusual in any of this. It seemed infinitely preferable to consumerism, competition, and lives lived far removed from nature and other people.
We wondered if anyone else might be interested in learning about natural building, renewable energy and local food production. We formed a not-for-profit organisation, came up with a name, and started running some courses in 2001: biodiesel, permaculture, solar hot water, straw-bale building, natural paints & lime and compost toilets.

Well, yes they were interested. Our course programme has grown every year since, and we’ve added books, including our own publications, free factsheets, magazines, a huge links database, forum, ‘ask the expert’ products, services and online courses on over 180 topics.”

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