How to Make Your Own Berkey Style Water Purifier

Make Your Own Berkey Style DIY STAINLESS STEEL water filter. Easy to follow instructions on how to build your own water filter out of a pair of stock pots. All you need is a drill and a pair of tin snips.

Stainless is more sanitary than plastic buckets. A water purifier is a must have for a wilderness cabin, off grid living or survival during power outages and crisis situations. This small investment could save your life if the grid went down.

Boss of the Swamp has hundreds of similar videos with great ideas.

4 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Berkey Style Water Purifier”

  1. I would have used magnetic tape/magnets instead of the double-sided tape for ease of removing the top portion during cleaning.

    We used these filters in my Peace Corps days in Ghana. I had to clean mine almost weekly because the surface water we were using was quite turbid, but my water was always very clean. It never compromised on filtration quality; it just took longer to filter when it needed cleaning. To clean, I recommend using a gentle sponge to scrub it down. We were told not to use chemicals (like bleach or soap) because it could be absorbed into the filter. I did, however, always use bleach and soap to scrub out the insides of my containers, then made sure that they dried fully before setting up the filter again.

    • Did you pre-filter the water in some way? Ex: Let sediment settle then pour through a t-shirt, etc? I’ve heard the water there is awful.

      • Depending on the season, alum was sometimes used to coagulate the water. I would definitely let it settle in a separate container before I put it into the top filter. I had a friend that lived by a river, which was their only source of water; she had to use about 3 large buckets in the process (adding alum each time, letting it settle a bit more, then dumping into another bucket). For her, even getting daily drinking water took several hours of filtration each week. My situation wasn’t nearly as bad, but it’s a problem in the northern part of the country where I live.

        Also, the gallon rates that can be safely filtered that he cited on the video are also highly dependent upon the turbidity of the water. We had to replace our filters every 4-6 months because they wore down from the constant cleaning. They still worked like a charm, though, even when they were much smaller, but again, took longer because there was less surface area to filter the water. We had the white porcelain style, so maybe that was a bit different than the ones he was using.

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