Malawi Vernacular Architecture

Malawi vernacular architecture
Malawi vernacular architecture

“Hello.. my name is Jon (Twingi) Sojkowski, I am a registered architect and I have a passion for African vernacular architecture. I recently (Sept. 2014) traveled to Malawi to document the vernacular architecture in the country. For 3 weeks, me and my Malawian team traveled the entire country, stopping at 300+ villages and homesteads to interview people on their traditional structures and to take pictures and video. The end result is the web site: Malawi

There is very little information on line regarding African vernacular architecture and I was hoping you could share this research with your readers. Architecture is a major part of a countries culture and in Malawi, as in many African countries, it is disappearing. And with the current flooding in Malawi it has been literally washed away, making the documentation even more important. I would gladly answer any questions that you might have about the project or send you pictures if you wish. Thank you for your consideration. cheers.” jon

“This site contains over 4,700 pictures which reflect the current state of vernacular architecture in Malawi. All the photos taken are placed in galleries according to the 28 districts in Malawi. These galleries are in the “research areas” of the web site. The pictures are also cross referenced in categories such as granaries, homesteads, materials and others.”

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