Back to Eden: Best Gardening System?

“This is the complete 6-1-2014 tour of Paul Gautschi’s Back to Eden garden on one video. This is four hours of Paul talking about why he gardens the way he does and answering questions from people on his tour. If you have more questions about this heavy mulch system, please visit the Back to Eden FAQ section of my website”:

A huge shout out to for their hard work and generosity in sharing hours of free videos about Paul Gautschi’s garden. Thank you, thank you. These are pretty much the only videos available other than the original Back to Eden video that now has over 20 million hits. [Or maybe that was just in the first year?] While the original video is awesome, it’s mostly an overview of the basics. videos delve more deeply into each topic and they clear up most questions viewers will have. I don’t consider myself a gardening expert, but in my opinion this is one of the best gardening systems. These videos have been extremely helpful to me. I plan to use these techniques to finish the last stage of our forest garden and boost production. Let’s hope Paul Gautschi writes a gardening book with everything clearly explained in detail! It will probably sell millions.

L2Survive video channel

– The Back to Eden gardening method turned his clay/compacted gravel land into fluffy, rich soil about 2′ deep. The video shows what the original soil looked like and also someone digging down with their hand up to their elbow.
– His fruit trees sag almost to the ground under the weight of fruit.
– These videos explain in detail his potato growing method, how to trim trees, how to make compost with chickens, how to plant and grow fruit trees, how to grow produce that requires virtually no water, fertilizer or pest control. His pasture supports 10x the ordinary number of livestock. Instead of eating all day to get satisfied, the sheep spend much of their time resting because the grasses are so nutritious. According to Paul, BRIX nutrient readings of his produce are about 10x what is normally considered the highest level. He grows varieties that are not supposed to grow in his area. Scientists walk away baffled. He doesn’t rotate his produce because the soil is so rich. He’s grown potatoes in the same spot using the same batch of potatoes for 20+ years. He leaves the best potatoes in the ground for next year’s crop. Paul’s 56 year old truck still runs fine even though it has over 1 million miles on it. Occasionally his daughter will sell produce at the farmer’s market to vendors. The vendors buy everything in 30 minutes and take it home for their own consumption.

The list goes on and on. Please watch these videos if you’re at all interested in gardening!

Something to think about: Seems like ag scientists would be flocking to his garden to study it, write papers and promote this worldwide. What’s going on?

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  1. Also note, thick mulch doesn’t work in some climates such as England. It attracts slugs that harm the plants. I’ll post a video about this at some point.

  2. Tip: There are dozens of Back to Eden gardening videos by As you watch the videos on YouTube look in the right hand column and you’ll find the others.


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