Minimal “Owner-Built Code” in Cochise County, Arizona — 12 Comments

  1. I just bought land in Cochise county (.86 acres). What is the next thing i need to do to make it livable? Any advice will be much appreciated 🙏🏻

  2. Rattlesnakes should not be killed. They are easy to catch in a metal garbage can. Lay it on the ground and simply rake them in, they typical do not ‘run’ away. Then relocate the critters. I’m building an office\house in Cochise county, my neighbor is in a rammed earth home that is wonderful. Been in many parts of the U.S. Cochise county is the best. P.S. don’t tell anybody.

    • Zeb. You know any brokers out your way? I can only find internet scammers.
      I’m looking for land out there. Thank You!

    • do people want to build homes around rattlesnakes and scorpions can you keep them away from your property heard there may be a way let me know

    • From their website it appears that this option is still in force, but you might check with the county to make sure.

  3. Water: U will need a well. HEAT: Yes, it’s hot out here,(you do your chores in the morning, if possible, stay inside during the day & at night, when it’s cooler, venture back out. Rattlesnakes: Yep, they’re here(killed 4 last year & I so far, this year). Scorpions: They’re here also, (usually under rocks, old fence posts, etc.) They are more afraid of U than vice versa. Been here going on 6 yrs. … Cochise County will be ‘doing away w/ the Owner Built Option in the near future. Not for everyone, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • “Cochise County will be ‘doing away w/ the Owner Built Option in the near future.”
      Is that your opinion or do you have some evidence of that?

      I live in Cochise Cochise county and I’ve not heard anything about them getting rid of that amendment and I can’t find anything about them getting rid of it mentioned anywhere on the cochise county website.

      P.s. Much of Cochise County is above 4000 ft elevation. It’s not all that hot, in fact it’s hotter in Portland Or.
      Where I live it rarely gets over 100 degrees. 5 days this year it just barely peaked over 100. Record high temp is 106 (happened one time), second highest record is 104(happened one time).
      It’s also not too cold during the winter. While it often gets below freezing at night, it’s typically above freezing by mid morning, even in January its common to see daytime temps in the low 50s-60s.
      Record low temp here is 6 degrees, second coldest day was 11 degrees F.

      • This is an old article, and I suggest anyone interested in building there should contact the county and find out what they say.

  4. This caught my eye the second time around — good thing about the new weekly updates! Cochise County is not too far from where we live in NM. We’re happy where we are but it’s always interesting to know more. I’d be concerned about lack of water, heat, rattlesnakes, and scorpions…

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