50+ Year Old Couple Build Off Grid Cob/Strawbale Tiny House for $30k

Nice couple. Good video that explains how they built their 20’x30’ (600 sq. ft.) home with cash without debt by recycling and repurposing almost all materials. The $30,000 cost included a septic tank and well. They combined cob, strawbale and light straw/clay, and kept the design as simple as possible. All of the plumbing is in one short interior wall between the kitchen and bath. They have a simple shed roof, etc. The homeowners say their choice “was the best thing they ever did”. Now they have no bills.


5 thoughts on “50+ Year Old Couple Build Off Grid Cob/Strawbale Tiny House for $30k”

    • I don’t have time to rewatch the whole thing. Just a guess: soil cement. You can get the ratio on the Internet for free. Combine cement with sandy soil that has minimal clay and pour like concrete. Maybe sprinkle some iron oxide color on top if you want and trowel it in. With the right soil, it can turn out looking almost exactly like a cement floor. The soil in their area would probably work well.

      If you find where they talk about the floor in detail please leave another comment.

  1. Nice. I want to build a straw bale. But won’t be able to do it myself. So will be looking for a contractor in Sierra vista. Will also use salvaged materials where ever I can. This helped. Thanks.

    • Their roof is just basic carpentry that every carpenter knows. You can learn this by checking out a carpentry book from the library. Get an illustrated book with good drawings.


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