More Voter Fraud in the $300 House Competition

I’m sad to report more obvious voter fraud in the $300 House design competition at Jovoto. I reported on this same problem previously, and now the same guy is at it again. The jurors saw through the fraud the first time and slapped Max Building Systems to #87, down from #1, and called him out for it. He even admitted to it. But he’s still in the contest and now he’s up to his dirty tricks again. Through vote stuffing he’s shot back up to #9. What’s going on should be obvious to anyone closely following the results. Projects move up and down gradually as people randomly place their votes. If you shoot up incredibly fast then it’s a clear sign of vote stuffing. And in the same organized way two of my projects suddenly plummeted 25 or so points after hovering consistently near the top 10-20. There’s just no rational explanation for this except fraud.

And here’s the bad part. If the votes are from other cities then there’s probably nothing the judges can do. Can you imagine this guy ending up as the winner? It sickens me to think he could bump out well deserving projects with his sham papercrete project that’s doomed to fail. And at this rate he’ll be #1-#3 by tomorrow.

Dishonesty corrupts and devalues the whole contest. Please consider voting appropriately for projects you like and dislike.

Update: Oh happy day! Max Bldg. got a serious whoopin’. He’s back to #70. Obviously the jurors figured out what’s going on. Thank you jurors! He got slapped down and all my projects shot up. Thanks for your support. But if you haven’t voted yet, please support us. This guy will undoubtedly continue the negative attacks. And far fewer people will see my designs when they’re unfairly ranked on the 2nd page instead of the first.

Update: If anyone reads this, Max. Bldg. is back to his old ways. He’s vote stuffed his way to #31, up an impossible amount from #87 earlier today. I’m not worried this time because I’m pretty certain the judges will knock him back where he belongs. But still, please vote if you haven’t already.

2 thoughts on “More Voter Fraud in the $300 House Competition”

  1. That’s horrible – I read his comments on someone else’s earthbag entry. Very ignorant and rude – obviously knows nothing about the stability and technique of earthbag building.

    Voting for your earthbag entry now.

    • Thanks Brittanie. And I hope you remember to place high and low votes accordingly.

      Update: This is getting serious. He’s now up to #6. Please get out the vote the best you can. I have no dreams of winning, that’s for sure. But I hope to see the best ideas win, not the cheaters.


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