Chiapas Health Clinic Details

Cato from Chiapas, Mexico has sent us details about how they built an earthbag health clinic. This is a beautiful example of how people, without much money or training, can manifest a dream. Most of their inspiration and advise was accessed from the internet.

The links below are to PDF files assembled from an original Power Point Presentation that Cato put together. These are large files, so they may take awhile to download…but they are well worth the time.

Cato says, “We are building a Health Clinic in a poor peasant rural community in Chiapas. We have spent about $2300 US for a three room, 50 square meter useful area of construction, not including labor. I have the goal to create an initiative to address the need for affordable housing in Chiapas.”

Other details about this project can also be seen: Window and Door Forms and Laying the Bags Down.

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  1. Thank you Owen., but as I have said, I “borrowed” the basic lay-out from the “the rabbit and the rocket hole” project in India. I did major and many changes on the design, to better adapt it to our circumstances and to introduce the “round is beautiful” concept to the people at th community, where they are used to “box-houses”.
    Your comments as well as those from Kelly Hart, are important to me since, as I have said, apart from “Kaki Hunter & Donal Kiffmeyer´s book”, your blog and websites, were the main sources of leraning and inspiration.
    I thank you for your effort.

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