My Favorite Slider

My Favorite Slider
My Favorite Slider

Here’s a drawing of my favorite earthbag slider that makes it easy to place bags on the wall without getting hooked on the barbed wire. If you want to make one, start out by cutting a sheet of 1/16th thick steel about 13 inches wide by 16” long. Tack weld a piece of 1” by 1-1/4” angle iron on one end for a grip and then weld the back edge. Radius the front corners 2” or so. Grind off sharp edges, remove any rust with sandpaper and then spray paint to protect the metal. Recoat after each project since these sliders really take a beating. And don’t skimp on the steel thickness or the barbed wire will quickly destroy it. Typical galvanized sheet metal is inadequate.

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Slider”

  1. Hi Owen,
    Have/could you do a short video demo of using the slider, as I can’t seem to get my head around what you mean. I am currently experimenting on a small wall, by filling the bags with rubbish then wrapping chicken wire around them, before plastering over. I will do earthbagging when I begin my dome (after the wall!).
    Thanks heaps for all your information. It has renewed my motivation towards becoming an owner/builder, even if I have reached the half a century mark, and my movements may be a wee bit slower now!
    Keep up the good work and
    Many blessings as well

  2. Owen,
    1/16″ metal equates to 16 gauge and can usually be found at local sheet metal shops. I’m sure the sheet metal shop would make the one bend to produce the angle you welded on. This would eliminate the angle, welding and the painting.

    But then again there might not be a “local shop”.

    Hats off to ya’ll for entering on his endeavor.


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