My Favorite Tamper — 2 Comments

  1. This is a great tamper design, far worth the cost of construction or $30 if you have a building store in the neighborhood. The only thing I’d consider changing is the size of the flat plate, I tend to prefer a bit wider tamper 10″x10″, so that the majority of the bag is caught with the tamping action. It is heavier, but I feel like the bags will compact with fewer hits. What do you think? Tamping is by far the most tiring part of EB building, and one of the most brutal on our joints. It is important to use proper technique to minimize repetitive injury. I’ve found it is best to let go of the tamper just before it hits the bag, this saves a lot of impact on your body.

    • Jeff, thanks for the input. A bigger plate may suit stronger workers. This one is just right for me. Maybe I could handle one a little heavier, not sure. They’re so cheap and easy to make that it’s probably worthwhile making several sizes.

      And yes, let go just before the tamper strikes the bags or the jolting force will go up in your arms.

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