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  1. hello….I am a 70 y.o. man who is sick and tired of working ( I have been at it since I was 17). I don’t have a pension so must try to live on SS and a PT job. I am not making it in expensive NY ( Duchess County). My rent increases each yr tho I am in a senior apartment complex. I am not poor enough to get any assistance. I thought of building a SMALL energy efficient house to get rid of 1) rent and 2) Cental Hudson utilities…one of the most costly energy Cos., in the usa. After much reading I have decided upon a house close to passive standards to save on energy that is OFF THE GRID using solar PV…I like the idea of building with pre-built SIPS but do not want foam insulation prefer cellulose…straw…wood or something natural….not foam…I don’t need a big house just room enough for the three of us me my wife and 35 yo son…thats 3 br and two baths…If there are any architects, builders designers who can work with me to put together an affordable home pls contact me. I am not alone. One million people left NY state in 2017…or 2018 ( you can Google this)…becasue its just too damn expensive to live in NY unless you are making BIG money or have a pension…I am sure YOUR IDEA can be used by THOUSANDS of others like me…so I can be an investment for you…IF interested in helping pls email me at….thanks….anthony barbuto..poughkeepsie NY 12601

  2. Look for networks such as this one in your area. They will have contact info for local ecofriendly building professionals, home tours, etc.

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