Natural Building in Argentina

Amazing home tour of a permaculture institute in Argentina — one of the biggest hot spots of natural building in the world with over 250 houses. They show an endless stream of innovative ideas such as cob bricks with corn cob insulation. This is a must see for all natural builders.

“Here is a movie I made of the incredible natural building movement happening now in Patagonia, Argentina.”

Living Earth

4 thoughts on “Natural Building in Argentina”

  1. It’s really sad that THIS country seems to think it’s below our standards to build cheaply and without palming $$ to every Tom, Dick and Harry just to have the “right” to build your own home. I liked their places and they didn’t have to go into debt for 40 or 50 years to pay it off.

    • This eco community is a beacon of light to the rest of the world, showing what’s possible. Learn what you can from their houses and go build your own. Vote with your feet and wallet. Build where there are few or no codes. Don’t support the corrupt building code system that’s designed to enrich corporations and their minions.

  2. Hi Owen,

    I am still working on getting up a blog of the earthbag house that was built this past summer in Haiti. I would like to connect, in an other word, to form a network with owners of earthbag structures in Haiti. How many are there and their locations? How to share resources, ideas and to support each other in an effort to encourage more of such construction in the country?
    I’d appreciate a response.

    • Excellent idea! Here’s the old list from about three years ago:

      More people have built earthbag buildings since then. Most projects have been profiled on our blog because we’ve been in contact at some point. Some are still in planning. A few never materialized.

      I suggest using your blog to network all local groups so you can work together. I’ve been suggesting that other groups work with you to learn the techniques (train their trainers). Are you still interested in doing this? Would love to hear your plans. Email me at naturalhouses [at]


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