Healthy Home Book

Elimination of toxic building materials is one of the biggest advantages of natural homes built with natural materials. People living in modern homes built with industrial materials often develop ‘sick house syndrome’ that includes a long list of ailments such as dizziness, irritability and allergies. After working in construction most of my adult life this toxic garbage can give me an almost instant headache. It builds up in your body over time.

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Example of $2,000 DIY Hybrid Natural Home

A key aspect of natural building is learning out how to best utilize minimally processed, locally available natural materials and salvaged materials to meet your needs. This includes using good site and climate building techniques in the design of the home. What works best in one location will likely be different than another location. Be sure to study ‘best practices’ that have evolved over the centuries for your specific area. Things such as roof pitch and overhangs, choice of materials, height of stem walls, percentage of solar glazing, ventilation details etc. are all very important.

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Natural Building Workshops at Quail Springs Permaculture

“When I started this building my intention was to make the building process fun. I invited 5 friends to come work with me for a month, and we got the basic framework up, and we did indeed have a lot of fun doing it! Although I have been the main builder working on and off … Read more

Young family win their three-year planning battle to live in the ‘Hobbit house’ in Pembrokeshire

“A family has today won a three-year battle to save their real-life ‘hobbit house’ from the bulldozers after it was built without planning permission for £12,000.

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PureBond Non-Toxic Plywood

One main benefit of building with natural materials is maintaining a safe, healthy environment in your home. This eliminates the health risks of sick building syndrome caused by many modern synthetic materials. “The non-toxic soy-based glues in PureBond plywood mimics the glues that mussels use to cling to rocks (biomimicry). PureBond plywood has no added formaldehyde, eliminating the concern about off-gassing dangerous fumes during fabrication or when installed in your home.

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