Natural Building Materials and Methods

Chart of natural building materials and methods
Chart of natural building materials and methods

Chris Dancey put together a video titled Natural Building Overview that shows many different natural building options. The screenshot above was taken from his video. I like the chart because it shows at a glance the various natural building materials and methods in an organized way.

“Sustainable natural building materials and methods include: adobe bricks; compressed earth blocks; earthbags; natural plasters: rammed earth; cob; wattle and daub; earthen floors; straw bale; prefab straw bale panels; fiber batts; clay and lime binders; light clay straw; hempcrete; hemp with lime or clay binder. cordwood masonry; stone with and without mortar; log and timber frame wood or bamboo construction; earthships; thatch; living roofs; and living walls. Sweat equity and local natural materials can help you build debt free. Small, creative, carefully constructed buildings can also be better for the environment than conventional construction.”

YouTube provides the largest, best description of the different natural building methods that includes links to the best books and other resources.

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  1. Under “stone”, I’d think there should be a “crushed” and “cut/structural” sub-categories. Things like drainage, foundations, and flooring are all just as important as getting “out of the ground”.


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