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Chris Dancey began this video a year and a half ago, but had to stop to work on her certified organic farm for awhile. Finally she was able to get back to it, which has been a ‘labor of love’. It is very nicely done with entertaining music and lots of great images of all kinds of natural building projects. She used some photos from some of my projects, which is how I knew about it.

Chris writes, “Natural Building has its roots in the past and its sights on the future. It is organic, healthy, sustainable, creative and universal. This overview is meant to educate if you are new to natural building; stimulate your imagination if you are already on your journey as a natural builder; and acknowledge the great work that has already been done by so many, whether their work is shown or not in this video.”

6 thoughts on “Natural Building Overview Video”

  1. Iam from kerala(INDIA), im really interested in this type of home building, thanks a lot for publish this articles in this site, cz i got a lot of information about how home look like building with natural materials.I want to build a different home with natural materials, cz i dont want to heart my nature . i need to build a home which is best suitable to tha nature. But in kerala nobody builds home like this, so i dont know how to make it possible. Is anybody to help me?????

  2. Earth Day is the anniversary of my father’s death. He suffered enormously from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity during the last three years of his life. It is my hope that this video will create awareness that will help others make healthy choices including: the food we eat and how we grow it; the products we buy; how we travel; and how we build. Thanks to all that are making a positive difference. Happy Earth Day!

  3. THANK YOU, CHRIS! And thank you to every soul who has ever helped to dream of and build with sustainable materials. Our visions carry us forward.

    Let’s help this video to go viral!

    • One way you can help it go viral is if you happen to have a blog, put it on there too!

      Like your comment about visions. Reminds me of these lines from the old musical South Pacific:

      You’ve got to have a dream…
      If you don’t have a dream,
      How you gonna have a dream come true?


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