Natural Building — Why You Should Build a House with Natural Materials

Natural Building Methods – Why You Should Build a House with Natural Materials from Sean Tounn on Vimeo.

“Learn about why you should build your home or other structures with Timber Framing, Cob, Earth Bag, Straw Bales, Adobe, or Reclaimed Wood.

Featured experts include Homesteaders Cody Crone and Michael Bunker, along with permaculture expert Paul Wheaton and natural building method expert Scott Howard.”

Noah explaining his house design
Noah explaining his house design

Note the vents along the top of the wall. This is a great way to add ventilation in hot, humid climates. Combine with gable vents or roof vents and windows on all sides.

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More. More. It’s too short. Thanks to Carroll for another good tip.

4 thoughts on “Natural Building — Why You Should Build a House with Natural Materials”

  1. Does anyone know of an earthbag house being built in Hawaii on the Big Island? We would like to buy property and build one there. We thought that Hawaii had lenient codes and were looking at the IBC but don’t really understand what we are reading.

    Any information or advice is welcome.
    Thanks bunches!

    • The county of Hawaii has adopted the ICC. Not sure if the whole state follows this. Contact them and see if it applies to the whole state. Ideally you can find a place not under the codes.

      You don’t understand the building codes? Well, the codes were written that way on purpose. Now you have to hire experts to help, just like the byzantine legal system that most often requires hiring lawyers to make sense of things. That’s one reason I rant against codes so often. Use the search engine on the right side of the page and read some previous blog posts about building codes.

      In general, you can get earthbag approved, but codes can boost the cost of construction 10 times or even more. Most of what I talk about on this blog is for structures in non-code areas because millions of people can’t otherwise afford a home.

  2. Interesting, though posting it here is pretty much preaching to the choir. Or are you mining the internet for things we can use to convert our friends? :)


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