Natural Farming (Zero Farming)

This is very, very bad news for Monsanto, pesticide, herbicide and chemical fertilizer companies. I won’t shed a tear for them.

Murthy developed natural farming methods in India through trial and error and Fukuoka’s book to reduce labor 90% on his farm, and totally eliminate pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertlizers and tillage. He has reduced his consumption of water and eliminated use of mechanical equipment except for irrigation. He uses natural pest management and other techniques to increase production while building soil quality naturally. This approach creates a healthier environment and healthier organic food.

Kailash Murthy

Natural farming/permaculture is the best way forward for sustainable food production.

“Natural farming is an ecological farming approach established by Masanobu Fukuoka (1913–2008), a Japanese farmer and philosopher who described his way of farming as shizen nōhō in Japanese. It is also referred to as “the Fukuoka Method”, “the natural way of farming” or “do-nothing farming”. The title refers not to lack of labor, but to the avoidance of manufactured inputs and equipment. Natural farming can also be described as ecological farming and is related to fertility farming, organic farming, sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, ecoagriculture and permaculture but should be distinguished from biodynamic agriculture.

The system exploits the complexity of living organisms that shape each particular ecosystem. Fukuoka saw farming not just as a means of producing food but as an aesthetic or spiritual approach to life, the ultimate goal of which was, “the cultivation and perfection of human beings”. He suggested that farmers could benefit from closely observing local conditions. Natural farming is a closed system, one that demands no inputs and mimics nature.

Fukuoka’s ideas challenged conventions that are core to modern agro-industries, instead promoting an environmental approach. Natural farming also differs from conventional organic farming, which Fukuoka considered to be another modern technique that disturbs nature.

Fukuoka claimed that his approach prevents water pollution, biodiversity loss and soil erosion while still providing ample amounts of food.”

Source: Wiki
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